GOFA collaborated with the Hong Kong Physical Fitness Association during “Sport Day For All” to jointly promote intelligent healthy living.

The GOFA company collaborated with the Hong Kong Physical Fitness Association of China during the “Sport Day For All” event. Through their interactive fitness

Revolution and Future Prospects of Smart Fitness: A Symposium on the New Era of Intelligent Physical Training

Physical Fitness Association of Hong Kong, China (PFA) has successfully orchestrated the ‘New Era in Intelligent Physical Training’ seminar, highlighting how technology can improve

GOFA, Bupa, and PanopticAI Collaborate: The AI-Driven ‘Blua Health’ App Revolutionizes Health Management

In a joint venture with Hong Kong tech startup PanopticAI and GF Lab, Bupa presents ‘Blua Health’. This AI-powered application offers a comprehensive analysis

ChilDrénMon GO University Sport Challenge: YMCA and GOFA Jointly Promote Healthy Living

Co-hosted with #YMCA, the ‘ChilDrénMon GO’ inter-university sports challenge aimed to motivate students to embrace physical activities and enhance their health. The event saw