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Motion Recognition utilizes visual sensors and data processing technologies, tracking and analyzing your movements in real time. It provides immediate feedback, helping you understand the details of your movements and improve their effectiveness. Combined with 3D Pose Recognition Technology, it ensures accurate posture and technique, akin to having a personal virtual coach guiding you.


Optimize Your Movement with Motion Recognition

Motion Recognition tracks and analyzes movement actions, providing real-time feedback to optimize performance. It counts the number of movements, ensuring correct posture and technique. This innovative system provides comprehensive guidance, fully utilizing movement to achieve the best results.

In-depth Movement Analysis and Calorie Consumption Estimation

Motion Recognition deeply analyzes your exercise performance for health management. It tracks the number of repetitions and the accuracy of movements, estimating exercise volume and calorie consumption. Gain a comprehensive understanding of your exercise status, control calorie consumption, and enhance effectiveness. In conjunction with other equipment, monitor heart rate changes in real time, optimizing health management for a scientifically efficient fitness journey.

Applications in Physical Therapy/Rehabilitation

GOFA Motion Recognition system is an advanced physical therapy and rehabilitation solution, capable of monitoring patient recovery progress and providing remote instruction. By utilizing dynamic tracking technology, it evaluates rehabilitation status, provides real-time posture improvement suggestions, enhances therapy effectiveness, and improves the quality of life. The GOFA Motion Recognition system is an ideal partner for rehabilitation therapy, supporting every step of the recovery journey.

Our Products

GOFA Fitness

Our virtual fitness coach service provides real-time posture and movement feedback. Through the GOFA Motion Recognition feature, it analyzes movement patterns, provides immediate correction suggestions, ensures effective workouts, and prevents potential injuries.

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GOFA Challenge

Experience the future of fitness with GOFA. Utilize advanced 3D dynamic tracking to accurately track movements and count the number of correct postures. Join the challenge mode to add fun to your workout. The GOFA Fitness Challenge brings excitement and motivation. Download now for a new AI fitness experience.

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Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

In the medical sector, GOFA’s posture prediction is used to enhance the effectiveness of physical therapy, monitor patient progress, and provide remote prompts for patients with mobility issues. Through accurate dynamic tracking, healthcare professionals can assess a patient’s recovery progress and offer real-time posture improvement suggestions, further enhancing treatment effectiveness and the patient’s quality of life.

Corporate Health Applications

In the corporate environment, GOFA improves overall company performance by providing exercise improvement suggestions for employees, focusing on health awareness and team spirit. Choosing GOFA brings a safer, more efficient, and healthier environment to the workplace.

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