August 26, 2023

GOFA collaborated with the Hong Kong Physical Fitness Association during “Sport Day For All” to jointly promote intelligent healthy living.

The GOFA company collaborated with the Hong Kong Physical Fitness Association of China during the “Sport Day For All” event. Through their interactive fitness gaming platform, “Luca and Friends”, they provided a city-wide sporting experience in 11 district gymnasiums that combined technology and exercise, with the aim of promoting healthy living.

GOFA is deeply honored to have been invited by the Hong Kong Physical Fitness Association of China to participate in the “Sport Day For All”, an important event dedicated to promoting health and vitality. We are tremendously excited that the Leisure and Cultural Services Department of Hong Kong chose our GOFA interactive fitness gaming platform “Luca and Friends”, and carried out activities together with the professional coaches from the Hong Kong Physical Fitness Association of China across 11 district sport’s court.

“Sport Day For All” is a public participation event, and we are deeply honored to be a part of it. The event attracted participants of all age groups, with over a thousand people finding joy in the activities, which brought us great satisfaction. The GOFA team is proud to have created a platform that promotes health and brings happiness through exercise.

Our goal is to bring a better life to everyone by combining technology and sports. GOFA will continue to develop more advanced technologies to achieve this goal and further enhance everyone’s quality of life. We expect all users participating in the “Luca and Friends” interactive game to establish a life full of health and happiness.

Through such events, we hope to enable more people to understand and accept the importance of sports, and further experience how technology can change and improve our healthy lives. We believe that only through continuous effort and innovation can we truly achieve the vision of enabling people to lead healthier and happier lives.

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