April 28, 2022

ChilDrénMon GO University Sport Challenge: YMCA and GOFA Jointly Promote Healthy Living

GOFA, in partnership with #YMCA, held the ‘ChilDrénMon GO’ sports challenge for college students. The event promoted active participation in sports and inspired the refinement of the #FitnessChallenge feature, reinforcing the social aspect of sports for health benefits.

We are excited to partner with #YMCA on the ‘ChilDrénMon GO’ university sports challenge, aimed at promoting active participation in sports among college students to enhance their health and physical prowess. The event saw enthusiastic participation from students across eight universities and colleges, their zeal and energetic demeanor making it a memorable day for all of us at GOFA.

In the course of the event, students not only indulged in the excitement of the ‘ChilDrénMon GO’ sports challenge but also appreciated the health benefits of engaging in sports. This was profoundly satisfying for the GOFA team, and we are proud to share such a significant experience with the students.

In order to inspire more people to engage in physical activities, we will persist in refining and enhancing the #FitnessChallenge feature. We firmly believe that people can truly enjoy sports and reap lasting health benefits only when sports are socialized. We eagerly anticipate more individuals joining us in building an energetic, healthy, and joyous community!

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